Technical Specifications

Overall dimensions: Length ca. 1800 mm. |Width ca. 1800 mm. |Height ca. 2600 mm.
Absorbed power: 400 V 3 phases + neutral + ground 50Hz KW 40
Air: 6 Bar 20 NL
Max work piece standard: 550×400 mm.
Water recicling: Litres 10-12 / min.
Weight: T 12

Grinding disk wear and work time are conditional upon the degree of finishing and deformation of the Work pieces.


All our machinery is designed to provide reliability and a high-degree finish of work pieces. Material is removed through 400 mm diameter diamond blades, which are coaxially mounted on a 2.2 hp engine. Blades may be adjusted laterally.

The cutting area is enclosed by stainless steel casing; work pieces are loaded and unloaded through hand-opened doors. Work pieces are normally fastened by means of pneumatic pistons. Thanks to this machine, you can easily cut back braces of toilet bowls, bidets, half shafts.