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Technical specifications

Overall dimensions: Length ca. 4.500 mm. | Width ca. 2.700 mm. | Height ca. 2.500 mm.
Absorbed power: 400 V 3 phases 50Hz + N KW 15
Air: 6 Bar 20 NL
Max work piece: 1000x400mm.
Water recycling: Litres 10-12 / min.
Weight: T 3

Grinding disk wear and work time are conditional upon the degree of finishing and deformation of the work pieces.
Work pieces:
vases and bidets feet, Under countertop basin, In countertop Basin.


All honing machines are designed to provide reliability and a high degree of finishing of the pieces to be honed.
The machine is made up of two blocks, a trolley and a carborundum- diamond wheel.
The 1800 mm. mecanical stroke trolley runs on drawn steel wheels and steering gears (all covered by protection bellows).
The 600 mm. diameter carborundum- diamond wheel is coaxially mounted on a speed reducer and a 15 HP engine.
All this runs on chromium plated steering gears and oil bath piping; the movement is guaranteed by a ball screw.
Pieces are clamped through pneumatic pistons.
The amount of removed materials is controlled through a display placed on the control board.

On the control board it is possible to set the height at which the wheel approaches the piece and the point at which the piece is presumably fully honed and finally the amount of material to be removed at each run (usually 0.3 mm.).
After these easy set ups, the machine is ready to perform the automatic cycles without operator’s action, unless to replace the piece.
Optional laser line fit to measure the wheel position and its relevant wear.
The machine can be built in painted steel or stainless steel, upon request.