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Produzione e vendita di fissaggi per sanitari sospesi e a pavimento

Comep Meccanica Company produces and sells various types and models of:

  • Sanitary fittings (sanitary fixings) systems:

    • fittngs for normal and suspended sanitary
    • fixings for wc and water suspended
    • fittings for suspended bidet
    • fittings for boilers
  • Brackets for suspended sanitary fittings, with or without locks for plumbings:

    • mounting brackets for suspended wc
    • mounting brackets for suspended water
    • mounting brackets for suspended bidet
    • brackets reinforcement
    • adjustable support
    • brackets extensions
    • personalized brackets for suspended sanitary
  • Centring for plastic or metal moulds.

  • Chromiiumplated plastic bosses to cover the holes.

Manafacture on request of assorted support pieces for sanitary fixtures.