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Technical specifications

Overall dimensions: Length ca. 7000 mm. | Width ca. 3000 mm. | Height ca. 3000 mm.
Absorbed power: 400 V 3 phases + neutral + ground 50Hz KW 40
Air: 6 Bar 20 NL
Max work piece standard: 550×400 mm.
Water recycling: Litres 10-12 / min.
Weight: T 5

Grinding disk wear and work time are conditional upon the degree of finishing and deformation of the work piece
Work pieces:
Foot Wc Bidet WC- BIDETS Wall hung



The machine is made up to one or two wagons that on horizontally displacing and two wheel diameter 600 mm positioned parallel to the wagon.

The machine is made with idraulic system for locking wc and the movements of wheel and wagons are mechanical.
The wheel are driven from engines with inverter for adjust the speed, this allows to use both the carborundum wheel that diamant wheel.

The machine is made in steel enamel and the wagon and the box are in stainless steel.
The machine have Tank for recover water for cool the wheel with pnemuatic pump.